Mehr zu unserem aktuell laufenden Projekt „littleFUTURE unterstützt die Kinderkrebshilfe Ebersberg“ finden Sie hier:

littleFUTURE is an international art project by children artists using the power of art to make children strong and joyful and to create a desirable future for all.

  • Until now more than 200 children of different ages in the towns of Ebersberg, Germany and Dakar, Senegal, painted how they wish their future … in Ebersberg and in Dakar.
  • All the children´s paintings create a large collage of the future, which is presented to the public.
  • In Dakar, thhe collage of the future has been an official contribution of the Dak’Art 2018, the most important Biennale of Contemporary Art in Africa.
Our vision
  • Each child has an inexhaustable inner potential of joie de vivre, vitality and positive creative power.
  • The creative process provides access to this energy and can establish a bridge between nations, cultures and religions.
  • littleFUTURE encourages children to shape their own future. Children begin to shape their future by painting their pictures.
Our mission
  • littleFUTURE promotes the intellectual, emotional and artistic development of children and youngsters in and between towns and villages all over the world.
  • littleFUTURE creates a concrete interdisciplinary and intercultural dialogue  in and between the towns showing new ways to a respectful and peaceful coexistence.
Our attitude
  • Our project is guided by the respect from us adults to our children.
  • The encounter with one’s own inner creative power and with the essential question of how children wish their future, is a very special moment in which we meet our children at eye level.
  • The children in this project are the artists and creators. They ensure the progress of evolution in their lives and in our lives.
  • It is very important in this project, that the children can feel intensely, that we believe in them.